Age Revolution

Understanding The World Today

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Vision Statement

It is in my sincerest hope that when I project five or ten years into the future, almost 90% of the youth, including the aged, will be lost from the actual way known by humanity. So I am doing this in order to help put people on the right way when all are lost; and all hope is lost. I have realized that the order of the day in the country and the world at large now is of sex, lust and riches; and they are causing great downfall of many youth.


It is to help people, especially the youth to understand the world as it is now so that they can know how to fix themselves in. I am not interested in the majority who will hear it and ignore it or criticize me but I am interested in the minority who will hear it and heed to its message because I believe in the statement, “LITTLE DROPS OF WATER MAKES A MIGHTY OCEAN.”

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