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Shining Star Preparatory and JHS in Amasaman since its establishment was yearning for an Old Students’ Association but as we all know it wasn’t up to that standard, because formerly it was to only nature students up to primary six (6) then give them away to another school to continue with Junior High School (JHS) then Junior Secondary School (JSS).

Finally the school established its own JHS in 2005 as the first batch through the advice of some of its staff prominent among them was Mr. Maxwell Degboe a French tutor..

. This made the founder popularly known in Amasaman as Auntie thought it wise to expand Shining Star.

In the year 2007, the school registered eight (8) students out of twenty-five (25) to sit for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) among them were three (3) boys and five (girls). Four years after the first batch went out, the school now thought it wise to meet the standard of forming an Old Students’ Association, message was sent across the country to the old students where ever they are, and among the old students who receive and acted on the message was the pioneer ASP Master Buer Sumaila.

Upon this, on the 31st of May 2013 he a sent message to the school and all the old students alarming them about the formation of the association. On 30th June, 2013 the first meeting was held in the school’s premises with five (5) old students. Aside this day, series of meeting was held in order to arrive at a decision so that the association can start to operate but other old students were not complying due to their own reasons therefore decelerating the process of forming the Association hence making it difficult to stand. On August 2nd 2014 Saturday, during the school’s 10th graduation ceremony the old students mastered courage to officially form SHINING STAR OLD STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATION (SOSA) with it motto “Beyond Limits” and slogan “The Supreme Leaders” appointing the pioneer ASP Master Buer Sumaila as the pioneer President and some few executives. Two year after, the Association was inaugurated to announce the birth of SOSA officially to the general public.

The history of SOSA will not be complete without mentioning some names like Gladys Danso, Abubakar Atterh, Odami Esther Asai, Rufai Ishmael, Rita Portuphy, Larh Isaiah among others who supported in the formation of SOSA through their effort and knowledge, Master Buer Sumaila founder and pioneer president who stood on his grounds against all odds to make sure that the formation of Shining Star Old Students’ Association is achieved.

Dated on 16th June, 2015, By Master Buer Sumaila, Founder

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