BUER SUMAILA is his name born on the 5th day of May 1990 into a family of four girls and two boys in Kotobabi in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. He hails from Big Ada in the Greater Accra region of Ghana; currently he stays in Amasaman with his parents. He is an Ada. He churches at Faith Church of Christ in Amasaman.

He started his primary education in Wilberforce 1 Primary in 1998 at the age of eight (8). He came out successfully in 2003 and move on to Kotobabi 2 Junior Secondary School (JSS) now Junior High School (JHS) in 2004 but he has to stop school due to a personal reason. His family migrated from Kotobabi and settled in Amasaman in 2005 here, he began his JHS education again at Shining Star Preparatory and JHS in 2006 and came out successfully in 2008. After Junior High School, he gained admission to further his education in Ada Senior High and Technical School to pursue Agricultural Science. In 2012 he became a Senior High School (SHS) graduate.

After SHS he was employed to work as a factory hand in a plywood factory called Chabar, but later in January 2013 he left Charbar to become a teacher in a school called Rev. Theotina Complex School for two academic years.

Later in August 2014 he gained admission to further his education in University for Development Studies (UDS) to study BSC Agribusiness. There are other places that he also worked at after school and all made him to achieve a lot of experiences.

Talking about leadership positions he became the assistant compound prefect in primary, assistant senior prefect in JHS at the same time president in Drama and Debating club, assistant senior prefect in SHS at the same time junior patron in Ghana Moslem Students’ Association (GMSA) and some positions in Scripture Union (such as organizer, bible studies coordinator, financial secretary), assistant headmaster, head of primary department, a member of the disciplinary committee also in charge of the school’s finance in Rev. Theotina Complex school and currently he is the President of Shining Star old Students’ Association (SOSA).

Some of his achievements include founder of GMSA, prefect day celebration now SRC weekly celebration, he was also used as the master mind behind a development project in the aid of constructing a plaque in Ada Senior High and Technical School and founder of Shining Star Old Students Association (SOSA). Talking about awards he has received numerous of them right from primary, Junior High, Senior High, and work places. Currently he is a level 400 student in University for Development Studied (UDS) studying Agribusiness.

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