Can you refer yourself back how life was and compare it to the life and the world of today? I call those days the good old days when everything was normal and all actions were consistent with the known laws of life. But today what do we see? Things that are happening of which we know that they are not how they should be, rather we have turned the whole world upside down; and claim normalcy.

Let view it in our part of the world: if we should be vigilant and observe critically, we have turned the whole world upside down. Base on this, I say we are now living in confused and misunderstanding world which we must realize that, this is completely abnormal rather we claim it’s normal.

Now let me tell you the attitude of the Ghanaians or the blacks as a whole. The attitude of the Ghanaians lacks innovation, creativity, and plan. We always want or wait for someone to prompt us into action; tell us what we should do or dictate our lives for us, I am doing it because this person has done the same thing and he or she has survived it. Forgetting that we are individuals with different attitudes. Our lives today are full of imitations. We always want to imitate what someone is doing. We claim we are imitating the Western world but the funny thing here is that we rather imitate the bad things. But my question is why do we have to imitate someone? Why can’t you also do something to appear unique for someone to imitate you as well? This is where we lack innovation and creativity.

You will meet a student and ask him or her, “What are you going to study?” or, “what do you want to become?” He or she will tell you that their parents are yet to decide. So it means such a person is waiting for someone to dictate his or her destiny for him or her. Go and do this course it will help you we go that way and then suffer in the future. This is where I think we should imitate the culture of the Western world. “What I want, not what my parents or someone wants for me.” So, technically, we are in school not because we want to, but because our parents ask us to that is what we claim is normal.

Now we claim someone is our role model, but the problem is the good works of the person is never acknowledged. Instead the bad aspect is what we are interested in because that is what we think is quick and easy. Even if we prefer the bad to the good then why don’t we correct it to have an edge over that person? We don’t want it that way we want to be exactly as the person, forgetting that twins born on the same day are even different from each other. In the long run, instead of becoming a role model, we become the role opposite with this the ideal meaning of role model is no more and that is what we claim is normal.

At this juncture, I would like to cite some two personalities. I usually take some good sayings of them and reflect on them. If you should also do the same, it will help you. The first is our Vice Chancellor, Prof. G. A. Teye. He said, there is madness in Ghana now, and what is this madness? Everyone is building a glass house with the idea that we are imitating the Western world, but we never asked ourselves the reason behind such buildings. Due to excruciating cold experienced in their part of the world, they build such air-tight houses to trap warmth, but in our part of the world can we live in such houses? We are only wasting money and resources. Later we turn out to control the heat by buying air conditioners. We don’t even know how to use them, we regulate it to it freezing point and stay in it all day long with this, we claim we are living comfortably not knowing we are making our lives short and also contributing to the growing effects of global warming in other words climate change because of the Freon’s in the air conditions which attacks and destroys the ozone layer. And we have to know here that as more and more climate change continuous to increase, food insecurity also increases. The question is what country are we creating for ourselves in the next five or ten years to come if all of us are to build glass houses and buy air conditions to correct heat?

The second person is our late President, Prof. J. E. A. Mills. He said we (the youth) should not take or imitate the bad things they are doing; we should take the good aspect in order to give us better future tomorrow.

Most people will also find themselves at places where they realize the doings of those places are not consistent with the known laws of life, but we never care to ask questions to understand such actions. A friend will tell you I can help you, this person will take you to a place where you realize what they are doing over there does not tally with the actual way you know. But foolishly we will tell ourselves my friend has been here and has made it so I can also make it without understanding what they are doing. All I am saying is wherever you find yourself try asking some questions in order to understand what is going on over there for you to analyze and know how to fit yourself in there. Don’t play ignorance.

Most denominations as well as some pastors today have turned the Bible upside down. They are not doing the work of God for people to gain salvation but to make money. They do so by taking out and adding some things to the Bible in order to please, meet and satisfy the demands of humanity. So, some of our pastors today are not doing what God wants but what humans want. I don’t even know if those pastors really know what the Bible talks about commission and omission of the words of the Bible hmmm, brethren if we are suffering today we should not attribute it to government or someone been the cause. We are the cause of our own problems. We thought it wise and best of making life simple and easy for ourselves, rather we have made it worse of. Practically, most churches are now business-making enterprises instead of the House for the lost to come and gain salvation. Is this what we call normalcy?

Guys of today will tell you they have to “taste” the ladies if they can give birth, before marrying them. Does it mean our ladies have now turned into palm wine? That is what our ladies of today are happy with. After the lady has given birth, we combine the naming and marriage ceremony and perform them as one instead of the actual way. So, now we have changed it to be naming ceremony before marriage not marriage before naming ceremony. Our entertainment industry is promoting and raising higher standards of immorality other than the moral. Most songs composed and movies made today only educate us on how to have sex and all sort of social vices. We have forgotten that fornication and adultery are sins when committed, keep you far away from your God, but today what do we see? Someone will just move from the fornication room straight into church. Why? Because some of the pastors themselves are into it so they can’t say it and they are fake. All the problems, hardships and fatal issues we are experiencing today are all caused by what I have highlighted and many others not mentioned yet. The funny thing here is that we are able to detect that the problems of today are not normal, but the irony here is we are not able to detect that our behaviours and attitudes. This is what is causing us of all the problems and hardships of today.

Now I am doing this in order to alert those who are lost, those are misled, those who are confused to analyze the state of the world as it is now for them to be careful as to how they lead their lives. Because there is nothing normal in the world again. I will be giving the details of some of the things I have highlighted in my next blogs. I am not doing this to create a worldwide debate, argument; or use (on election platforms)? But what I want people to understand is what I am bringing on board. We are living in a confused and misunderstood world today and there is nothing NORMAL in the world again, SIMPLE.

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